Friday, 13 April 2012

Floral Foam

floral form
Floral Form

Floral Form
Floral Foam is widely used in designing flower arrangements. Floral Foam is wettable foam used for a variety of fresh floral design projects. We have floral foam in a variety of densities which is pH controlled to prevent stem burning. And our floral color spray is delicate enough to color and preserve fresh flowers. 

Our clients can get floral foam in bulk at reasonable rate. Our Floral Foam is highly liked by florists.

Floral Form
Why our Floral Foams and Sprays?
  • Fills the room with the natural aroma of flowers
  • Zero toxins
  • Free from CFC Propellants
  • Ensures freshness of flowers for longer time
  • Controls stem burning
  • Ideal to be used for number of floral designing projects
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