Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A Little More Added Beauty To The Fresh Flowers

Flowers are the natural blossom, a God’s gift to the nature that we live in. There is a wide variety of flowers available across the country. Flowers are perfect for any occasion and there are different flowers for different occasions. Once the flowers are being plucked from the garden it starts losing its life. Although the life span of different flowers is different and can stay fresh for a long time even after it has been plucked. Maintaining the flower after it has been plucked is a tough job but a bouquet of dead flowers does not look good.
Flower Bouquet

A flower bouquet should always be fresh with the fresh natural aroma of the flower which should spread the surrounding with its fragrance. Fresh cut flowers always please the receiver and make them happy. Flower decorators and shop keepers pluck the bloomed flowers in advance before offering them to the customers. 

It is important for them to maintain the freshness of the flower and its natural aroma for a long time. Shop keepers earlier used to sprinkle some scented water on the fresh flowers to keep them fresh but that did not help and reduced the life span of the flowers because of excessive water on them.  

Today there are different types of sponges available in the market. These sponges not only help in setting the flowers for decoration quickly but also keep the flowers moist for a long time which further keeps them fresh. The sponge does not allow the flowers to move and depending on the size of the sponge large size bouquets can be prepared in different shapes. To make the flowers look naturally fresh there are different types of non-toxic floral sprays which increases the life span of the flowers.

Fresh Floral Sprays
These fresh floral sprays have natural scent of the flowers and therefore spread the same fragrance as that of the flower on which it is being spread. The good quality sprays also avoid stem burns. 

These exotic floral sprays also have delicate color which gives shine to the flower and makes them more attractive. This helps in adding extra beauty to the flowers.

Many of you must be thinking about where to get these sponges and high quality sprays.  There is no need to think much about it as Sneha Florist is there to help you. This store offers the best sponges and accurate sprays which is quality tested and delicate. 

The Sneha Florist Store offers a wide variety of sprays in different color and scent to give the natural feel to the flowers and the environment. Any type of bouquet can be made with ease with these sprays and sponges at hand. The store offers these at competitive prices. 

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